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Thoughts on the Proceedings at The Centre for Civil Society Conference

Almost a year back I had watched this video of Rajesh Jain and Atanu Dey proposing the idea of a new constitution for India, of course this was a continuation of the Mission 272 that got the BJP elected in … Continue reading

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Discussion about Israel and Socialism

Source – https://deeshaa.org/2016/07/12/ask-me-anything-the-sparrow-edition/#comment-29870 Hi Atanu, Israel is a strongly Socialist country( with state controlled economy and conscription etc..), how do you explain the success of this country? They seem to have done well in both social and economic factors, they … Continue reading

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What is the difference between an M.Tech from an IIT and an M.S. from a top 50 US university for computer science?

This post was good and relevant to a few things I have to say about the Indian education system, so I thought I would cross post it onto my blog(it has been slightly edited to reflect my views) – This short … Continue reading

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How appropriate is it to have caste or religion based residential complexes?

Answer by Anirudh Acharya: There are two questions in this question. One if this is discrimination? Yes it is discrimination. Two, is it inappropriate? No, it is not inappropriate. IMO seeking to stay amongst people with whom you share your … Continue reading

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How can you explain all Indian Political parties in layman’s terms?

Answer by Anirudh Acharya: The following graph will give you a rough idea. (The image is not mine. I found it on twitter) For a more detailed analysis – Niti-mandala – The Indian Political Spectrum View Answer on Quora

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Does trickle-down economics work?

Answer by Anirudh Acharya: tl;dr Yes it does work. The trickle-down theory deep down is more about recognizing and prioritizing individual liberties over social equality. The phrase might have a wrong connotation to it, but It is not about doling … Continue reading

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Measuring Intelligence

Measuring a person’s capabilities is a thing that we do very often, either to admit him to a school or to employ him. The process starts pretty early, at least in India, with tests being administered to hardly 3 or 4 year … Continue reading

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Republic Day

We recently celebrated our 62nd Republic Day. My celebration was mainly restricted to watching the Australian Open semis between Federer and Nadal (a good match it was, though pales in comparison to what was to follow). This post is about … Continue reading

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