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Incarnations: India in 50 lives

★★★★☆ https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25810355-incarnations Super book on Indian history. Brings into focus a lot of people, whose stories often get missed while writing about India’s history. Some of the interesting stories that I liked or were completely new to me are – … Continue reading

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Charities and Causes

Following are some of the charities and causes I prefer to contribute to. They deal with either education or preserving the environment/wildlife, causes I care about. I try to contribute on the occasion of Yugadi and Deepawali. I am thinking … Continue reading

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People to Follow

There was a question in Quora recently about who are the policy wonks who have considerable influence in India. This made me come up with a list of people who, in my opinion should be the ones deciding India’s policy. … Continue reading

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