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Book Review: The Essential Writings of B.R. Ambedkar

★★★★☆ Source – https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1821010921?book_show_action=false&from_review_page=1 The above book is a collection of essays that he wrote, so it is not a book as such but a collection of his articles. I first started reading about Ambedkar ~2011 from here – http://pragati.nationalinterest.in/wp…. It really … Continue reading

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How appropriate is it to have caste or religion based residential complexes?

Answer by Anirudh Acharya: There are two questions in this question. One if this is discrimination? Yes it is discrimination. Two, is it inappropriate? No, it is not inappropriate. IMO seeking to stay amongst people with whom you share your … Continue reading

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How do you justify Dronacharya asking Ekalavya to cut his thumb off?

Answer by Anirudh Acharya: Ekalavya belonged to a tribe that paid obeisance to the Chedi and the Magadha kingdom, then controlled by Shishupala and Jarasandha. These kingdoms were not exactly great friends of the Hastinapur empire. Jarasandha wanted to become … Continue reading

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