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Kathe Project

An interesting video series about quaint stories narrated by a lot of prominent Kannadigas. Thought I would plug it in my blog.

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Formal Education

Nice post on Futility Closet – The fact that Abraham Lincoln had less than a year of formal education ought to tell how overrated state controlled, regimented public school curricula is. One of the things America gets right is the … Continue reading

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Recco List

Kakistocracy Education and DeVos – Booklet App – Nice idea about summarizing non-fiction books as a series of Whatsapp messages. Book collection can be better. Interesting podcast, this and the next one – Amazing journalism about how the … Continue reading

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Republic Day Thoughts

Reading list for the republic day – A fascinating artistic perspective of our constitution – Transcript from the debates of our Constituent Assembly when the Preamble was being decided – The Directive principles advises the protection of cows and calves as … Continue reading

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People to Follow

There was a question in Quora recently about who are the policy wonks who have considerable influence in India. This made me come up with a list of people who, in my opinion should be the ones deciding India’s policy. … Continue reading

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India Through the Ages

The following is an excerpt from Pragati, a national interest review magazine. It describes India at various stages in history through the eyes of various foreigners who visited the nation in those times. Excerpts from perspectives on India. Megasthenes, c. … Continue reading

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Reading List

I intended to post this a month ago, but it got delayed for various reasons. Nonetheless these are the links to some of the articles I found interesting on the net over the past couple of months. 24 Hour Shot … Continue reading

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Khan Academy

I recently found this website, which is a brilliant initiative by Salman Khan (not the Bollywood actor), an American educator who started this website with a mission of “providing quality education to anyone, anywhere”. He has also been one … Continue reading

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