Book Review: Bhimsen

Bhimsen is an interesting take on Mahabharata from Bhima’s POV. The book strips all the characters of their divinity and magic and are presented as normal human beings. The realism, and the description of the war scenes are outstanding. Bhima’s character is also pretty good. In spite of being more talented he kind of has to wait for his turn and is forced to take the second spot at every instance. His frustration with Yudhisthira’s hypocrisy and favoritism is pretty valid.

I have often felt that Krishna and Bhima would have had a deep and significant relationship, very different from Krishna and Arjuna but no less significant. But the book does not explore that dimension. The depiction of Draupadi as a blood thirsty sex addict was pretty lame. And I think Krishna’s character is much more impressive than what is brought out in the book.

The book is a translation from the original in Malayalam called Randhamoozham, it can be downloaded from here –

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