Depravity of Madhwa Matha

  • Muslims break Ramzan fast in Udupi Krishna temple
  • I think it is a pointless exercise. It was likely initiated by Pejawara Swami and was probably well meaning. But it is very shallow.
  • This kind of reminds me of Congress holding Iftar parties when they were in power. They would hold these grand Iftar parties, and court the Mullahs and Maulvis, support their Madrassas and the Muslim/Sharia law board in the name of minority rights. While what the poor of the muslim community need is education and healthcare, but they only got corruption and apathy and tokenisms.
  • Morality for community leaders usually lies in bettering their own lot, while ensuring they do not step on others toes in the process.
  • Madhwa Matha has their own gurukula. They need to make this school competitive, so that kids who learn there will actually pick up real stuff( like in other private schools) not just rituals and traditions. This need not be in conflict with their own agenda of teaching Sanskrit, Vedas and Madhwa philosophy. Pejawara Swami will do better to invest his resources in this direction. But I doubt they will do this.


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