Thoughts on the Proceedings at The Centre for Civil Society Conference

Almost a year back I had watched this video of Rajesh Jain and Atanu Dey proposing the idea of a new constitution for India, of course this was a continuation of the Mission 272 that got the BJP elected in 2014. Seeing that BJP was not doing much, I had rather liked the idea of radical changes to our existing constitution.


Here he argues for a new constitution and has come up with a draft of the new constitution. I understand that it might be a initial draft to get the conversation going , but I have a few things to say about them.

Like it – Article 7, Article 13, Article 6.

Needs more thought – Article 9a and 9b, Article 11a 11b and 11c, Article 15.

Not sure if it is right – Article 3a section 5.

Doubt if it is feasible – Article 6 section 5, Article 14.

I really liked reading the document, it gives a lot of food for thought, like solving a puzzle. Though in the long run I think it will be radically reforming the existing constitution rather than replacing the constitution that will work.

I will try to write more about it and post it as a comment on the original post, so I may get to know what the authors think of my comments.

It would be interesting to know what the others spoke about in the conference, hope they publish the proceedings. (The abstracts are here –


Update on 11/12/2016

Here is is what Jaithirth Rao spoke about – Why liberal parties fail at the hustings I think he raises very good points, also makes references to the founding of the Republican party in US under Lincoln and how BJP could be placed in a very similar situation in India in the near future, and the time may be right to bring in the essential fundamental changes in our constitution to reinstate property rights and have market based pricing of goods and services. Hopefully BJP uses its political capital in the right direction, they will need a combination of fighting caste and promoting economic growth.

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