Thoughts on Trump and Trudeau

10/12/2016 Update –

Nitin Pai recently shared a nice parable on his blog, that I tought was relevant to this post –

There was a pink rhinoceros at the cocktail party. All the guests saw it but no one talked about it. They believed it would be rude to do so, for who knows what reasons the hosts might have had to let it into the room. Maybe it was a dear pet. Maybe it escaped from wherever it was kept and the hosts couldn’t put it back in time. The hosts, for their part, didn’t talk about it either. For they thought it rude to make comments on guest’s companion, human or animal.

So the pink rhinoceros walked about the room, sometimes nibbling on the canapés, sometimes bumping into the guests, but mostly standing around looking mildly confused.

Mr Grindle, as usual, was a great conversationist. He spoke at length and in great detail about the weather, history, sports, art, food, wine and the great events of the day. He was always at pain to be factually accurate. He went to great lengths to mention both sides of any debate, before stating his own position. He cited empirical evidence. His knowledge made him humble, and he readily acknowledged that there were limits to his own knowledge. He didn’t, however, even once mention the word rhinoceros, less acknowledge the pink animal that at the very moment, was trying to snatch grilled asparagus off his plate.

Mr Leroy’s idea of a good conversation was to listen to the sound of his own voice, which was usually in a state between a rant and a harangue. He usually spoke utter nonsense about the weather, history, sports, art, food, wine and the great events of the day. He was poorly informed, massively prejudiced and utterly illogical. His ignorance made him arrogant, and he would engage in sharp attacks on anyone who challenged his strongly held opinions. In his conversations, he not only mentioned the pink rhinoceros but said that such animals should not be allowed at cocktail parties. Moreover, he said, they bring bad luck to people who saw them, and the guests better be extra careful over the next few days.

As the guests went home, they were mostly of the view that Mr Leroy might have his faults, but is a far more credible man. After all, how could anyone believe in all the things Mr Grindle said, when he couldn’t even be trusted to mention the pink rhinoceros they could clearly see? Of course, Mr Leroy is the trustworthy one, because he talked about the animal and confirmed their fears that it would bring them bad luck.


My comment and observation was ( ) –

Pink rhino is Islamic terrorism, Grindle is Obama, and Leroy is Trump.



I believe politics always exists in a context, it is not always possible to divide the issues of a country into left wing and right wing, and make false equivalences across national borders.

For instance, even if I am moderately aware of US elections and politics, my understanding of the issues and their potential solutions will always be limited. I would not be able to make a call whether Obamacare is good or not because I have not lived through these issues. And my opinions on racism might not mean much because fortunately I have not faced racism during my stay here, but that might not be saying much because my interaction with average working class Americans is pretty less.

So though I generally have some skepticism towards the hypocrisy of Liberals and their neo-liberal globalism, I do not share strong opinions about the leaders or the elections of America.

This is what I thought of Trump initially –


My reaction when Trump won the election, was that the fears around his presidency might be slightly exaggerated.

Recently Castro( the Cuban dictator ) died and Trump’s view on Castro was –

Source –

And following was the statement by the liberal heartthrob Canadian PM Trudeau –

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 1.37.13 PM.png

At least on this particular matter Trump seems to have a better hold on things than Trudeau.

Following is a quote by Lee Kuan Yew, which I think is brilliant and every world leader/politician should heed his advice.

“I do not want to be remembered as a statesman. First of all, I do not classify myself as a statesman. I put myself down as determined, consistent, persistent. I set out to do something. I keep on chasing it until it succeeds. That is all… Anybody who thinks he is a statesman needs to see a psychiatrist.” ~ Lee Kuan Yew


 Update 17/12/2016 –
How the republican party went from the party of Abraham Lincoln to the party of Donald Trump.
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