Nvidia and GPUs

Invisible Hand of the Free-Market 2-

GPUs were first used as graphics chip for rendering resource heavy video games. The graphics of such games was so good that the product was a great hit. This caused a rush of funds and investment to these graphics chips, because of the consumerism around videos games.

Later these same GPUs were used to turbo boost the processor for scientific computing. Now we see GPUs widely used for deep learning and other resource intensive computations. Such usage of GPUs have enabled us to push the boundaries of science and technology. It creates jobs and employment. Its application in Biotech will enable us to create new drugs and cure diseases which currently don’t have a cure etc.. This is the magic of a free market, the force that enabled US to beat the Soviet in the Cold War.

Recently there was a guest op-ed by Obama in Wired, where he ponders on robots AI and the future. A couple of months back he apparently even published a solo author paper in some medical journal. Impressive though it is, and cool though it sounds that Obama is writing about sic-fi, robots etc.., and though personally I tend to like Obama, it is dangerous to think that it is such leaders who will help America to move ahead. No matter how benevolent a government and how brilliant and omniscient a leader of a country may be, they could not have foreseen the uses to which consumerism and a passion for unproductive and seemingly futile pursuits like video games can be put to.

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