Absurdity of Opposing Dynasty Politics.

I recently came across this blog post about how opposing dynastic politics is not a very sound argument against any political leader.


I completely agree with the article and for the record, here are my comments for that post:

Dynastic politics is not an issue, ineptitude is. Dynastic politics often becomes a problem in scenarios where ‘bad products’ get promoted in the name of ‘good brand name’.

Think about Sachin Pilot or Milind Deora, no one complains so much. They might just mention it, but that can never be the main argument against them. Rahul Gandhi on the other hand has demonstrated tremendous ineptitude and reluctance to be involved in politics. It feels as though he is being retained to en-cash on the ‘brand name’ than for any personal worth he may have.

I agree being against dynastic politics is silly and not possible, but being against ineptitude is not. Making an equivalence with lawyers and doctors is very silly( it is about public and private costs and risks).

I will give you another example. Jayant Sinha son of ex-FM Yashwant Sinha, went to IIT-Delhi, got admitted into the Ivy league colleges on his merit( his father had not acquired public office by that time), had a successful career in business and consulting and now he is contesting elections on his father’s ticket. Yes, he got a ticket because because he is Yashwant Sinha’s son, but his prior achievements are not because of his father. I have no objection to such candidates, and I am sure the majority would not either.

Now compare this with Rahul Gandhi’s case, the difference and the absurdity of clubbing all such people under the umbrella of dynastic politics will become apparent.

Conclusion – Dynasty is never the problem, ineptitude is. Dynasty is probably the reason for the ineptitude. The people, in general, get pissed off when inept people occupy high office only because of who they were born to rather than what they are capable of.

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