Nehru’s License Raj

I came across an answer in quora about the pros of Nehru’s License raj – India: What were some pros of the license raj in India?

The following was my reply to it –

If a person derails the whole train, do you praise him for putting nice and shiny seat covers on all the seats or rebuke him for the blunder of derailing the train. The above answer is the like the former case where we praise him for the nice and shiny seat covers.

It is sad that people still try to whitewash Nehru’s record. Only a person incapable of fathoming the lost potential of free-market economy can say that the criticism is in hindsight and no one could foresee all that.

Centralized Development Planning is just a euphemism for Nehru’s authoritarian rule.

Socialism hijacks an individual’s decision making right and undermines his dignity. It was not that other options were not available, Nehru was too narrow minded to recognize the merit in them. I can almost imagine him dismissing other suggestions telling “I am smarter than them, hence I will decide what is good or bad for them”.

Nehru sowed the seeds of a perverse paternalistic government and Rahul Gandhi is the fruit of that tree – a system where the most inept person can hold positions of power.

And the education bit – Please! Any leader would have a laid emphasis on education. And Nehru or no Nehru at least a couple of decent institutes would have come up in the last 65 years, which is the case today.

Yes, Nehru might have put a couple of nice and shiny seat covers, but he derailed the growth train of the nation.

I feel the same way when people try to convince me of the positive side of British Raj by telling they built the Indian Railways etc.. Absolute rot!

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