Absentee Ballot in India

I was doing some research to see if India has any system of postal ballot in place so that people can cast their vote without physically being present at the polling booth. But looks like it has no such system in place, and the only people who can cast their vote in absentia are the ones on polling duty or members from the armed forces. It is a pity really, and I hope the situation changes soon, so that people on move are also able to do their bit during election times.

By the way this is the Wikipedia excerpt from an article( Absentee ballot) about the same –

As of now, India does not have an absentee ballot system for all citizens. In a restricted sense, The Representation of the People Act-1950[8] (RPA) section 20(8) allows people such as people on polling duty and serving in armed forces to vote in absentia through postal means.
Section 20 of the RPA-1950 disqualifies a non-resident Indian (NRI) from getting his/her name registered in the electoral rolls. Consequently, it also prevents an NRI from casting his/her vote in elections to the Parliament and to the State Legislatures. In August 2010, Representation of the People (Amendment) Bill-2010 which allows voting rights to NRI’s was passed in both Lok Sabha with subsequent gazette notifications on Nov 24, 2010.[9] With this NRI’s will now be able to vote in Indian elections but have to be physically presentat the time of voting. Recently several civic society organizations have urged the government to amend the RPA act to allow NRI’s and people on the move to cast their vote through absentee ballot system.

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