Would Sherlock Holmes be able to deduce the true identity of The Joker?

Answer by Anirudh Acharya:

Maybe yes, there is a good chance that he will be able to deduce Joker’s identity.

Firstly Batman himself, apart from being a powerful and athletic superhero is also a brilliant detective with lot of knowledge in forensics etc… and even he could not trace the identity of Joker.

Now, comparing Holmes and Batman as detectives, I think Sherlock Holmes makes a better detective. There are three things that matter most for being a good detective:
1. Observation skills
2. Intellect/Logic
3. Resources which you can summon.

Now Batman certainly scores over Holmes in the department of Resources. Sure Holmes is pretty methodical and keeps records of all the crime reported in the news and has his own index of people and their background, but I don’t think it can compare to Batman’s resources plainly because of the money and technology that is there at Batman’s disposal.

Coming to the intellect and logic part I think both are more or less on a level footing. Both have very sound reasoning abilities.

Where Holmes scores over Batman big time is in observation skills, and his inspection of the crime scene and his study of people in general. His attention for detail is probably unparalleled.

I think this is where Batman missed out, but Sherlock Holmes can pick up a trail and follow it up to track down Joker. Of course going ahead he might need the kind of resources that is there at Batman’s disposal but that can be arranged for with the help of few of his contacts in the Scotland Yard. Also Sherlock has the option of consulting his brother Mycroft, who is apparently smarter and is a bigwig in the England government for pulling strings with the government, for resources and extra support etc..basically to make up for where Batman has an edge over him.

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