Why I support Modi

I recently came across this blog post that was about why Modi cannot perfom at the national stage, and how futile it would be to give him a chance
India is NOT Gujarat by Makarand Sahasrabuddhe on Indian Politics, Economics and Law

I found it completely lacking in reason, this was my response to it.

“It will make him think wistfully of us Gujaratis and wish that the rest of India was like us.” –
I think all men are the same, it is just the system they live in that causes the different outcomes.
As Milton Friedman said way back in the 50s “The real reason for India’s slow growth is not  its religious or social attitudes, or the quality of its people, but rather the economic policy that India has adopted.”( Anirudh Acharya’s answer to Startups: Why aren’t there many successful startups in India?) Just think of the reforms of 1991, changing the system and giving some breathing space to the citizens did wonders, it was the system that was changed, no overnight change of citizens attitude happened then. So just telling that India’s problem is with its culture is wrong, no?

” I do not think this transformation would have been easily possible in another state, and I attribute this to the Gujarati culture.” 
Of Course Gujarati people and culture was the reason for development, a leader is not a person who does everything, he is more of a facilitator. More like a catalyst of a chemical reaction, no one expects them to be the reactant, the reactants are always the citizens. Even in Karnataka, the people from south Canara region are seen as very astute in business. Most of the Udupi hotels and many banks in Karnataka are run by them. Modi might be the catalyst that makes the reaction happen. We should not expect the govt/leader to do everything. We want to put an end to mai-baap sarkar remember. Modi seems like the kind of man who can make that happen.

“I think it would actually be a good thing to have Modi in power in Delhi for a term or so, and with a large majority, His reign, and inevitable failure, will rid many of us of our illusions on what the problem of India is, and what the solution.” –

Even I am hoping for the same. But unlike you I am not sure of his success or failure but I want to see how things play out. Modi seems to be offering something different.
What I am sure of is the failure of Congress and its Nehruvian policies, I think it is time we tried out other stuff and see if it works. Trying the same thing again and again and expecting different results is defined as madness. I am no expert or an economist, but I think voting for Congress again and expecting them to do something different is tantamount to madness.
Capitalism sounds very promising and so does Modi’s leadership. We can always vote him out in 5 years if it does not work out. But I think it definitely merits a chance.

First they said he was a murderer, then they said he was not secular, then they said the development story is bunkum and it is all propaganda, then they said that the development has nothing to do with him but it is because of the Gujarati people and it’s culture, I think somewhere they are losing the plot.

Having said all this, I am not telling Modi is a one stop solution to India’s problems. Voting for him does not mean you completely agree with everything he has to say or that you will go with him to the very end. I for one think that he should be given a chance, and like I said above if it does not work out we can always vote him out after 5 years.

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