Reviews of: Clash of Civilizations

Answer by Anirudh Acharya:

A brilliant book by Samuel P. Huntington, a political scientist from Harvard, on the geopolitics of the coming century.

We have had many books in favour of the concept of the world becoming a global village, and how the information revolution will slowly rid the world of cultural and ethnic differences between different races of the world, the most famous among them being, The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century – Thomas L. Friedman.

Huntington provides compelling arguments for the contrary. Huntington argues that just as the previous century saw the world politics revolve around principles such as communism, socialism, capitalism and democracy, the politics of the coming century will be pivoted around the major civilizations of the world and how people will define their identities based on their ethnic and civilizational roots.

The book is brilliantly written, he outlines the different factions into which the world will be divided, and puts forward his thoughts on the future of the world’s geopolitics in a very logical and coherent manner. Seeing that the book was written in the mid 90s, many of his predictions have been proved true by the events that have occurred since then.

I have not read the other book, The World is Flat, completely, but I have read it in parts and I have to say that the book’s reasoning pales in comparison to Huntington’s theories. I am much more inclined to believe what Huntington has to say.

This book is a  must read for anyone who is even mildly interested in geopolitics or international relations

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