What is more authentic, original, or better: the name Mumbai or Bombay?

Answer by Anirudh Acharya:


The name Mumbai is derived from the words Maha Amba, a Hindu godess, and aai, meaning mother in Marathi.

The name Bombay was an anglicized name, introduced by the Portuguese and popularized during the colonial times. The name was perceived by the natives as a remnant of the colonial subjugation, and hence was changed to one of its earlier names, Mumbai. I would totally understand if the natives wanted a more Indian sounding/ Marathi sounding name for their home town.

Telling that, by renaming Bombay to Mumbai we lose a part of history and will lose colonial legacy, is like cherishing scars from past abuses telling it is part of my history. I would prefer to rid myself of such a legacy.

But I agree with the point that  “If we really had guts we would have done it the day they were leaving” back in 1947.

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