What are some noteworthy contribution in administration and development by Indian bureaucrats, politician and police force in recent time…

Answer by Anirudh Acharya:

E. Sreedharan

Often referred to as the “Metro Man”, he is one of the most diligent and hard working man to have served India. There are certain circles which have recommended his name for the Bharat Ratna, and deservedly so. His achievements:

  1. Reconstruction of the Pamban bridge: Pamban bridge connecting Rameshwaram and Tamil Nadu was washed away partly by a cyclone in 1964. He had a deadline of completing it in 3 months, but he finished it in 46 days. This is how the bridge looked after reconstruction.
  2. Kolkata Metro: Planning and design of Kolkata metro, the first ever metro in India.
  3. Cochin shipyard and Rani Padmini: He took charge of the Cochin shipyard and built the first indigenous merchant vessel, Rani Padmini.
  4. Konkan Railways: He came back from his retirement to take charge of the Konkan railway construction. Konkan railways was a very challenging project for the sheer terrain that had to be tamed, and our hero managed it in just 7 years.
  5. Delhi Metro: He was the Managing Director of the Delhi Metro project, and has a huge stake in the impeccable execution of the project and punctuality of the metro trains.

Also read this brilliant article on why E. Sreedharan is so awesome – Dr Elattuvalapil Sreedharan…..The Bharat Ratna no one talks about

Narendra Modi and Gujrat Government:

  1. Sabarmati Riverfront Dev. Corp. Ltd.: It is an urban regeneration and environmental improvement program. The program reclaimed 10.5 km stretch of the banks of the Sabarmati river and made it available for cultural and civic activities. KPMG has included this project in it’s list of ‘100 Most Innovative Projects’ towards urban regeneration that make cities more livable as well as sustainable.
  2. Gujarat Solar Park: It is India’s first 1MW canal top solar power project. The brilliant thing about this project is that the solar panels are built on top of the canal network of the Sardar Sarovar project, so the solar panels not only produce 16 lakh units of clean energy per year but also prevent 90 lakh litres of water from getting evaporated. Quite brilliant!( Also read this – Gujarat dedicates India’s first canal-top Solar Power Project to the nation!)

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