Reading List

I intended to post this a month ago, but it got delayed for various reasons. Nonetheless these are the links to some of the articles I found interesting on the net over the past couple of months.

  1. 24 Hour Shot : A photograph taken over a period of 1 day, capturing the star trails, movement of the sun and various landscape and then processed into one image.
  2. Scientific achievements of the decade and their significance : The list compiled by AAAS(Advancing Science and Serving Society) explains the significance of some of the best breakthroughs in science over the last year. Topping the list is a man made microscopic particle which is governed by quantum mechanics i.e. the object is in “… literally in two slightly different places at the same time—an achievement that many atomic and subatomic particles can perform…”, that would be pretty awesome.
  3. : The article gives some interesting and innovative solutions for some of the major problems such as, energy crisis, national debt problem, trouble in the middle-east, and improving the education system. I don’t know how applicable they are, but it is certainly food for thought.
  4. Reclaiming the Imagination : Timothy Williamson, professor at Oxford explains how elemental and crucial imagination is, to human intelligence.
  5. Uses of Adversity – Malcolm Gladwell brilliantly narrates the story of the rise of Goldman Sachs banker Sidney Weinberg from an office boy to one of the most powerful bankers of his time.
  6. A take on China’s currency manipulations :Nobel laureate Paul Krugman’s take on China’s currency manipulation and the options available for the US to handle the situation.
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